About Gatorbak


Gatorbak is a family owned, operated, and driven company that was formed in 2009. The owners are machinists by trade and began working with their extruding business in 2000. The company steadily progressed into marine products and applications from the beginning until 2006 when marine products became the primary focus of the company efforts. In 2009, The Gatorbak trademark profile was conceived. Research and development continued from the first concept designs along with finalizing a proprietary blend of synthetic materials to hone the final product. The initial Gatorbak product line was launched in 2011 and continues to grow to meet the boating communities demand. The core commitment of Gatorbak will always be customer service. By designing, developing and providing a wide range of custom solutions, Gatorbak LLC deepens its dedication to customer support.

Damon Bryngelson, Owner, Gatorbak LLC: 

“Our Company has grown the business by quality workmanship and customer commitment. We will continue to do so with the integrity that has got us to where we are today.”