2x6 Bunk Covers

  • 2x6 GB550SBE Kits

    GB550 SBE (SIDE BUNK COVER) is a 1.5” wide cover by 5.5” deep and is sold in pairs. This Gatorbak Synthetic Bunk Cover is designed to be a perfect bunk wrap to cover a vertical Side bunk made from common 2x6 bunk. The Cover Wraps the...

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  • Regular 2x6 Flat GB550XP Kits

    Regular 2x6 Flat GB550XP Kits

    GB550 is a 5.5” wide cover by 1.5” deep Full Synthetic Protective bunk cover made for Standard 2x6 bunks on Flat. Gatorbak Synthetic Bunk Cover kits are a total replacement for bunk carpet. These bunk covers are for use with Standard 2x6...

    $121.69 - $334.50
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