Wood Hardware Kit (20 Pack)


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So far so good
4 Stars

I never give 5 stars to anything. Installing the product on the wood bunks of a boat lift suspended over water was a little tricky. I hired someone to do it. He said the self drilling screws made things a lot easier than having to pre-drill the holes. The product looks really good installed. The proof will be in how well it holds up to sun and dips in the salt water compared to the vinyl carpeting that lasted for ten years before falling apart.

boat lift application
3 Stars

Not enough screws to do both bunks at every 8 inches like they recomend

Wish I would have got an extra bag.
4 Stars

I used the white wood screws, some of the paint on the screws had flaked off but no big deal. I used them on 2 6'x6" boards, I bought 2 bags of screws but really needed 3.