Gatorbak XP

For 2019 Gatorbak Soft Synthetic Bunks are easier to load than ever. Gatorbak XP is packed with even more technology than any other generation of Gatorbak Soft Synthetic Bunk Covers. The all-New 2019 Generation of Gatorbak Bunk covers are so advanced we’ve given them the XP designation for Xtreme Performance.

With Increased capabilities across the entire line up of Gatorbak Soft Synthetic bunks, here is what you can expect from the All-New Xtreme Performance generation of Gatorbak Bunk Covers:

  • Easier Loading at the Ramp
  • Weight reduction by up to 50%
  • Stronger Lineal Loading Capacity
  • Reduced Spalling
  • Higher UV Stability
  • Dramatic Increase in Vibration Cancellation
  • Increased Variance of Operating Temperatures

On the road, Gatorbak XP bunks give your boat a smoother ride on the trailer bunks. The proprietary all new, full synthetic material holds the boat smoothly on the trailer through all the turns and bumps. At the boat ramp you will experience a better loading cycle from the first load to the last. Gatorbak XP bunks dry fast and clean up easy to protect your boat from Blisters and Aquatic Invasive species transfer. Our deep ribs allow water and other floating debris to drain away fast, which means, your boat is dry and snug waiting for your next adventure on the water.  

Now shipping in all four standard colors for all standard size 2x4 and 2x6 Bunk cover applications for use with all Gel Coat, Fiberglass and Painted Aluminum Hulls. Available in Kits with everything needed to complete a pair of bunks or Bunk Cover Pairs without accessories.  
100% USA made bunk covers and bunk cover accessories.