The future of Boat Bunks isn't coming, it's already here.

Gatorbak XP Bunk covers will redefine your boat bunk Performance in Maryville, Louisville,TN & Claremont, MN

Gatorbak bunk covers are designed to replace carpet for boat bunks with a soft, 100% Custom Synthetic Material that doesn't trap water and debris against your hull while providing a durable and soft surface for your boat to rest on. Eliminating these problems prevents gel coat blistering, transfer of Invasive Species, prolongs the life of bunk boards and allows you to easily keep your bunkers clean and free of damaging debris. Gatorbak bunk covers aren't just an upgrade for boat carpeting, they are a MAJOR step in boating evolution.


Don't just repair, upgrade and stop the cycle of replacing bunks with a durable solution.

Don't just repair, upgrade and stop the cycle of replacing bunks with a durable solution.

Are you Looking to replace your old worn out scratchy bunks with a durable solution that will protect your hull for many years? Our synthetic boat bunk cover products will:

  • Secure boats on trailers, lifts and cradles without holding water, dirt, and debris on them.
  • Won't allow invasive species hitchhikers.
  • Will Outlast any marine carpet Product, with all the added benefits!

Stop replacing your boat bunks with products that don't work and are a waste of money, both in materials and repairs. Easy to use and maintain Gatorbak Synthetic Bunk Products will make loading your boat on a cradle, lift, or trailer much simpler and give you many years of worry-free use. Make your bunks look great, and work twice as well too. Many styles and color options to choose from. We even offer LED light installations for your trailer.

Helping You with Gatorbak Products

Gatorbak Bunk Covers and storage products are a fantastic way to upgrade your boat trailer, dock or lift. Our bunk covers are used by dealers, OEM manufacturers, and marine service centers as well as customers like yourself everyday. Installing our covers is faster and simpler than using carpet and makes for an easy DIY project.

Don't know where to get started? We offer technical support for all of your bunk projects and are happy to guide you through the installation process if needed.

Speak to one of our bunksperts today if you need help with your boat bunk project.


/ˌbunkˈsperHt (s)n/

1. A dedicated professional of the vessel storage variety, especially in a marine environment involving boat trailer, boat lift or boat cradle (s).
Ex; "The Bunksperts only deal with boat bunks and have studied them thoroughly"

2. Boat storage device expert, specializing in the wood runners a vessel sits on while in storage or transport.

Boat Trailer Professional, Vessel lift & Storage Advisor, Technical Support Individual at Gatorbak, Gatorbak Parts Assistant, Bunk Layout Supervisor (Bunk Meister), Boat Bunk Cover Installer (I&II).