Transport and store Your Boat Motor Easily and Safely!

100% US MAde steering Locks and lift supports From Gatorbak in Claremont, MN

Your Outboard Boat Motor needs a safe ride to it's next big day on the water. With our Gator-Lock Outboard Hydraulic Steering Lock in place, boaters can center their outboard motor equipped with hydraulic steering and keep it from wandering when trailering.

In addition to keeping your Outboard Motor from wandering back and forth we offer Single Ram Hydraulic lift wedge blocks as well. Our Gator-Block fits Most single ram engines up to 150HP from Multiple manufacturers.

Gator-Lock and Gator-block accessories are the choice for Boat Motor Towing and storage

Your Outboard Motor is the heart of your boat, store it right with our motor Storage and towing accessories. Our boat motor towing accessories feature:

  • Integrated Grip handles for easy control.
  • 100% high quality virgin materials for Durability.
  • Firm to get the job done but soft enough not to create damage in the process.
  • Custom colors and finishes to choose from.
  • Complete customization for OEM partners.

If you would like details on our Hydraulic Steering or Single Ram Wedge Block products, contact our support team today!

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