Replace worn and dirty bunk carpet with a strong and durable replacement.

100% USA made right here in Claremont, MN

Gatorbak Synthetic Bunk Cover kits are a smart and total replacement for bunk carpet. With many sizes to choose from our kits cover the most common bunk sizes found in use around the water today. Kits will include a pair of covers, end caps (or end cap materials for some models), and all of the color matched stainless-steel screws you need for installation.

They are easy to install and easy to use. You'll find a variety of covers in all the most common bunk sizes here. Gatorbak XP for Use with ALL hulls Including Gel Coat and Fiberglass, Gatorbak EP for your pontoon and John boats, and a vast selection of bunk covers for different configurations of vertical and side bunks as well. Great for Boat Trailers, Lifts and Storage Racks. Multiple widths, colors and lengths to choose from.

The benefits of our boat bunk covers

Replace your bunk covers and stop Aquatic Hitchikers and hull damage! Using our boat bunk cover kits:

  • Makes loading easier
  • Prevents hull blistering and damage
  • Helps limit the spread of invasive species
  • Easy installation
  • Easy use and care
  • Soft Synthetic
  • Deep ribs for drainage
  • Multiple sizes, Lengths and colors to choose from
  • 3 year Warranty

Our bunk kits cover the most used bunk sizes around. In addition to our standard 2x4" and 2x6" bunk selections we have large size bunk cover kits as well as Pontoon and Side/guide Bunk Kits. Because our Kits cover the most common size and applications, we have also included a selection of BY THE FOOT bunk covers here for convenience.

Contact one of our Bunksperts today if you need assistance finding your bunk size or if you need any assistance with your bunk project.

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