How Slick/Slippery Are Gatorbak Synthetic Bunk Covers Compared To Carpet?

Our customers will tell you that loading, unloading, and trailering their boats on our bunk covers is different than with bunk carpet. The Gatorbak material is more "sticky" than carpet and not as prone to the boat sliding on the bunks. The major advantage is that our bunk covers dry faster, are longer lasting, and stay cleaner than bunk carpet. This allows your hull to dry faster preventing fiberglass gelcoat blisters.

Will Gatorbak Scratch My Painted Or Aluminum Hull?

NO! Testing and customer feedback have indicated that Gatorbak synthetic bunk products are safe for both fiberglass hulls and painted/raw aluminum hulls. The advantage of our bunk covers vs carpet is that carpet often holds sand and grit from the lake, making it abrasive when loading or unloading your watercraft. Our synthetic bunk covers do not hold sand and grit and clean off easily, preventing this abrasive effect.

Can I Dry / Power-Load My Boat?

We strongly recommend against aggressive Power loading or dry Loading of your craft on any bunk. Dry Loading on Gatorbak XP will void your warranty from Gatorbak. Power Loading on Gatorbak XP Bunk Covers will not void your warranty. This is a change from our previous version of Covers from Gatorbak. In many places, power loading is prohibited and can be hard on your equipment, vehicle and hull.

While ramp conditions can vary and will dictate the loading method required to compensate for wind, current or water level, Always ensure that your bunks are wet before loading. When loading your boat put your trailer in the water until the bunks are covered in water as much as possible. Then pull your trailer forward until the bunks are just at the water level where needed for loading your boat. Gatorbak XP will allow you to load easy and you may not need as much throttle to reach your bow stop.

Dry Loading occurs where the bunks are not in the water while loading your boat onto the trailer horizontally. This does not apply to vertical or crane loading your boat onto your trailer.

How Hard Is The Material Used To Make Gatorbak Bunk Covers And Bumpers?

Gatorbak uses the highest durometer flexible SHORE-A material available. It is NOT in the rigid scale durometer rating. In regular terms, this means that Gatorbak uses the most durable, yet still flexible combination material available. This ensures long lasting protection and reduces the slickness/slipperiness of Gatorbak products.

How Thick Is The Material Used To Make Gatorbak Bunk Covers?

1/2" from the inside of the channel to the top of the center rib. After research and testing, we determined that 1/2" provided the most stable thickness to provide the most strength under a full load for normal applications.

How Much Weight Can Gatorbak Covers Hold?

We support lift manufacturers that use our covers for lifts that are rated for boats 10,000 pounds or more. Our covers are designed to work with trailer applications and all lift applications. We also have a patent-pending multi-fit cover designed to fit large beam bunk applications for lifts and trailers for very large watercraft. Contact us for fitment assistance if you have any concerns, we are happy to help you with your selection.

Can I Install Gatorbak Synthetic Bunk Covers Over Carpet?

No. Gatorbak synthetic bunk covers replace bunk carpet. We also recommend Replacing Bunk boards as necessary or applicable for your bunk project.

Are End Caps Available For Gatorbak Synthetic Bunk Covers?

You have several options to choose from. We have two options available from Gatorbak. One is the molded style end cap that comes complete with hardware, and the second is a basic style end cap that is made using the same material from the bunk covers. Our installation guide demonstrates these styles. As well as these two options you may choose to use excess material from the bunks ordered to do a fold over style end or trim excess material from the bunk covers to make your own flat style end cap. All of these options allow you the opportunity to choose a solution that fits your needs.

Are Custom Lengths Available?

At this time, custom length ordering is not available online. We are now shipping in lengths of up to 14 feet for retail online sales. Our dealers can order custom length covers for your project as needed. If you would like to order them directly, please contact us via our contact form or give us a call.

Are Samples Available?

Samples are available by request. Use our Contact Us page to tell us about your bunk project so we can assist you.

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